Hear Where We Are: Sound Ecology, and Sense of Place

HWWA_Final CoverMichael Stocker’s Hear Where We Are is an assembly of ideas and understandings of human and animal sound perception cultivated over a lifetime of interdisciplinary thinking incorporating studies in world cultures, western intellectual history, physics, architecture, biology, acoustics, signal processing, music, theology, and literature.

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“Hear Where We Are is as poetic as it is informative – in the tradition of some of the best scientific writing.”
Julia Whitty, Author, Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean
“Hear Where We Are opens up an entirely new way of understanding not only sound perception but our place within the world… I no longer just hear my surroundings, rather I am now aware of how deeply sound shapes my relationship to the world around me…”
Kevin W. Kelley, Author, The Home Planet

Drive from Loreta to San Ignacio, Baja, Mexico. Pancho, our guide.Author, Michael Stocker is an acoustician, musician and naturalist who has been an active spokesperson about human generated ocean noise pollution since 1992. He is a technical generalist with professional credentials in electronic design, communication systems, physics, and acoustics.

Learn more about his work on ocean noise pollution through his non-profit, Ocean Conservation Research.